TrackItFast EE

TrackItFast EE is a Windows based client/server software and database system. The system tracks customer rebate applications, customer events, leads, demographic information, and comments. The system calculates rebates and energy savings real time for one or more measures associated with a rebate application. Reports can be created in TrackItFast for Utility Commission reporting and data requests. All reports can be saved into Excel for further analysis. The system screens and reports are tailored to each customer's needs. The TrackItFast database can be hosted by Corona Consulting over the Internet or can be placed on an MS SQL Server or Oracle database supported by your own IT department. Contact us for further information about the TrackItFast EE software system. ( Now Available )

The MyUtilityRebates service is a web site where online rebate applications are accepted. Consumers can fill out an application on the web and electronically send it to a utility or third party company processing the rebate. The online application can be transferred into any existing rebate processing system or into TrackItFast EE. The consumer can elect to be sent E-mail or check the web site for the status of their rebate submission. MyUtilityRebates reduces rebate processing time while increasing customer satisfaction. Flyer Presentation

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Now Available


The MyUtilityRebates online rebate service is now available.